Beatles Bike

The One & Only

Beatles Bike - Abbey Road side

Sgt. Pepper's side

The cover photos from Let It Be are on the front fender; Ringo's bass drum is on the derby cover; Yellow Submarine images are on the side of the rear fender (Blue Meanie) and Rubber Soul is on the rear fender.  From this angle you can also see the fuel gauge on top of the tank with the "B" side of the Apple Corp logo.  The gas cap on the far side of the tank features the "A" side.  The seat features the Album Cover images from Meet the Beatles over laid on top of album records...Revolver; Meet the Beatles & Let It Be; Yesterday & Today;  and Abbey Road. The original Capitol Records "rainbow" label was used on the earlier records and the Apple Corp label was used on Abbey Road and Let It Be records.  The back rest features 45 rpm records.

Abbey Road tank

John Lennon's self portrait is on the air cleaner and the images from A Hard Day's Night run across the top of the tank.  The gas cap on the top of the tank features the Apple Corp logo.

Sgt Pepper Tank

Front Fender - Let It Be

 The front fender features the images from the cover of Let It Be. 
The Magical Mystery Tour logo is painted on the front chrome spoiler.

Ticket To Ride

Finishing up the details with the license plate; The rear fender features Rubber Soul; the back rest has the Yellow Submarine.


Everything you see on the bike has been air brushed or hand painted.  For example, the chrome spoiler on the front of the bike with the "Magical Mystery Tour" logo/graphics was done with a brush, completely by hand. This picture is Paul from the "Let It Be" album cover and is on the front fender.