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Ringo Starr - Pro Mark Drum Sticks

These were originally chrome.  The chrome has been removed and the aluminum sticks

were painted by Chris Cruz Artistry to make them look like the real thing - wood drum sticks.

Ringo Starr Drum Sticks - Linkage

Check out the "autographed" Ringo Starr Pro Mark chrome drum sticks. 

Created by McGowan Metal Fabrications and painted by Chris Cruz Artistry.

Shift Linkage in Process

Coming soon!  A custom-made chrome shift linkage featuring Ringo Starr crossed drum sticks...

The drum sticks linkage was fabricated by McGowan Metal Fabrications.  The shift linkage utlizes a J & P shift linkage as its base.  The drum sticks are made from 5052 aircraft grade aluminum.  Utilizing a metal lathe machine, it took over 11 hours to create both sticks.  The sticks are attached to the linkage by a cleaverly hidden bolt which is adjustable from the rear of the linkage.  After the sticks were fabricated, 1/2 of the material of the stick closest to the viewer was ball milled out so it would be recessed in closer to the other stick.  This detail provides a much cleaner look to the piece. 

The shift linkage was then milled to receive the small bolt which is inserted from the rear of the linkage so the viewer cannot see it.  Milling a slot into the linkage was also a functional part of the creation because it providess the flexibility of adjusting the sticks for clearance regarding the length of travel for shifting.  It took another 16 hours to do the final milling on the sticks and yet another 7 hours for milling the bolt slot into the shift linkage which is a total of 37 hours to create this one of a kind piece.



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